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Review by Mo on 21.01.19 (90 minutes Outcall)

WOW!!! Better than pictures, the hottest girl I ever met!  

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Review by David on 20.01.2019 (2h Incall)

Ella greeted me in a nice sexy lingerie as requested, high heels and stockings. Her pictures are accurate. She has a really sexy figure with all the right curves in the right place. Chatty and friendly, Ella made me feel like a king. Amazing GFE with a very naughty twist. I can't recommend her enough 

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Review by Carl on 17.01.19 (1h Incall)

Petite and very fit young girl. Cute face, better than pictures. Great personality, made me feel really welcome 

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Young and open minded

Jessica is back in town, the naughty 19 year old minx is back and eager to administer punishment and pleasure to all willing gentlemen

Wed Feb 21 2018, 11:03 am

Girls who go all the way

Looking for a hot babe who will do everything your devilish little mind can think of mmmmmh! let me introduce you to one of most exciting "All Services" escorts Alla.

Wed Feb 21 2018, 10:59 am

Every man needs an Ebru!

Guys if you like busty girls then OMG Ebru is really going to blow your mind her 36DD all natural breasts and her gorgeous curvy hour glass figure.

Wed Feb 21 2018, 10:54 am

Welcome to Karetze London Escort Agency

London Escorts By Karetze

Let me introduce myself... I am the owner/manager of the business and of the website. I have been part of the teams behind a couple of other London escort agencies in different roles. I want to welcome you to the KARETZE adventure! 

Yes, I love and pride myself with what I do, I believe that we offer a much needed entertainment for anyone who likes to escape from the daily routine, escape into a free of inhibitions and prejudice, pleasurable and satisfying mental and physical experience. I strongly believe that any man, woman or couple should experience what we offer, at least once in a while. Why??? Oh well, I do have many arguments for that but I am trying to not turn this into a novel or into a debate about London escorts so I will say just this: because in my opinion any positive form of human interaction is beneficial and special, because life is made out of moments in time and beautiful moments are what create happiness. Because life happens NOW, because offering and taking pleasure is something you offer to yourself as a form as TLC, because you deserve to enjoy yourself once in a while without the limitation of preconceptions or any strings attached. Because meeting one of our girls can be your special moment. Something you do for yourself. And it can become a great memory. Because in an age where we chat, shop, work and fulfill most of our needs online, why wouldn't we find online the way to actually give and receive some human connection, human touch... a caress...

And that's where 'Karetze' comes from. It's the plural of the Italian and Spanish Carezza, which derives from the Latin CARUS (dear) and which translates into English as caress. Caress, as defined by the Cambridge dictionary, is a gentle or loving touch. Synonyms listed are kiss, cuddle, embrace, hug, feel. So... our gentle and loving touch is exotic, naughty, unruly and rebellious. That's why carezze became caretze. The tz represents the transcendence in our caress.

And now you will ask: so why Karetze with a K? Oh well... because this London gallery has a story... it's been long in the making... it's been inspired by a special situation in my life... every single detail that you see on this website is deeply thought... So thank you, K, for being part of this, for being my inspiration and my motivation. And we are working on more new and exciting updates in arrival on our website, coming very soon. (Keep an eye on our latest news section). We aim to change something in this industry with our website and with our approach. We aim to make your experience more real, more honest, more caring than all the other escorts websites out there.

Our agency is special because we CARE! Because every single person who contributed to the creation of Karetze has invested a piece of their heart into it we will all keep doing so as our journey continues. We care that you, our client, feel confident that you are in good hands and we will make sure we do all we can to look after all your needs/desires/requests. We care that the London girls who are discreet escorts who collaborate with us are happy and content. That we create a relaxed relationship of respect, communication and friendship between both the agency team, the girls and the client.

The reason why have I taken in upon me to write this text? Oh well... some people say I'm a control freak... I strongly believe that is exaggerated :)) but I wanted our presentation to be as real, honest, intimate and close to the heart as possible. Some people say I am good at writing... oh well, not sure about that but I do write a lot, especially when I am trying to make myself heard (apologies to my business partner and my team for all the emails/text harassment when trying to introduce my ideas and make sure everything comes out perfect).

The Karetze website for London escorts has been in the making for a long time now. It took long and assiduous hours of work from my web designers team, who in almost a decade of collaboration have become my dearest friends and part of my family. Thank you, guys, for using your skills and creative genius to make my sometimes confused imagination become reality. 

Special thanks to all my marketing team for all the patience, dedication and hard work.

And most of all thank you, The One reading this, for taking the time to scroll through our website pages. We are here to make it happen for you, in the easiest and most Karing way possible. Welcome on board of KARETZE! Enjoy the journey! 

Alexandra@KARETZE Team 


Erotic Stories
Escorts Teaching Sex Education

Stinker just laughed, “That’s what escorts in London are for you prat!” he exclaimed. “Escorts?” Chuffy repeated, knowing full well what they were but never having associated them with his person.

Mon Dec 17 2018, 2:03 pm

Special Escorts for American Rock Star

“Sir, may I introduce Annabel, Sara, and Kate, “Jeeves said pointing to three escorts London girls who looked really hot, a tall redhead, a short curvy dark haired, dark skinned beauty and a slim, raven-haired Goth looking girl.

Mon Dec 17 2018, 1:03 pm


Tristan would be here soon and she wanted to be ready for him, and being one of the naughtier London escorts her fingers crept down her abdomen toward her

Thu Feb 8 2018, 11:04 am

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